Homemade Peanut Butter with Pumpkin Puree


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homemade peanut butter, homemade pumpkin puree

Weight Each pouch weighs approximately 50 grams.
Packaging FiFi Chews Gourmet Dog Treats are packed in pouches of recycled paper. The pouch is closed with a freshness seal and each pouch also contains a Silicagel bag to keep our products fresh. Although the sorbent this bag contains is harmless, this bag is not for consumption.
Label Each pouch is stamped with the FiFi Chews logo. Attached to it you will find a card with information on the flavour of the Gourmet Dog Treats as well as the production date.
Storage The Gourmet Dog Treats of Fifi Chews are best kept fresh in an airtight container. In the fridge they can be kept up to 1 week, in the freezer up to 4 weeks. If you keep the treats in the freezer, please remove the Silicagel bag (mentioned under Packaging).


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