At the FiFi Chews kitchen we only use human-graded ingredients.

Whenever we can, we avoid processed food, for example: we make our own apple sauce and peanut butter instead of store bought one.
We also don’t add salt, sugar, artificial coloring, flavor additives nor preservatives to our Gourmet Dog Treats.

The flour we use for biscuits is mainly whole wheat and oats flour, instead of plain white.

All of our fresh ingredients are sourced locally, either bought at the local store or from local vegetable and fruit gardens.

The common ingredients in the FiFi Chews products are: sweet potato, apple sauce, carrot puree, whole-wheat flour, pumpkin or squash, cheddar cheese, bacon, beef sirloin, fresh herbs and other fresh vegetables and fruit.

We also use a few super ingredients in our Gourmet Dog Treats; these include but are not limited to: organic coconut oil, chia seeds, kale and blueberries.