We have founded FiFi Chews based on our passion and love for Laila, our American cocker spaniel we adopted early 2011 in Beijing, China.

It wasn’t before long that we discovered she has a very sensitive stomach and needs special (read: high quality) dog food.

Mia and Laila

As we move around a lot we were soon sourcing all this dog food and snacks from the internet as it became our most reliable choice. Unfortunately that came to an end when we moved to the Azores this year.
The internet still is reliable, but shipping stuff overhere has become a bit of a problem.

We were also starting to pay more attention to the ingredients of her food and snacks and as she ages the choices are becoming more limited. That led us to start making her treats with only natural ingredients, locally sourced and without any chemicals and/or other preservatives.

We always tasted the food and treats we bought for her; now we sometimes even eat her home-made treats. Simply because they taste so good!

Anyways, one thing led to another, friends were encouraging us to bake more treats and telling us that their dogs just loved our home-made treats! FiFi Chews was born.

We invite you to have a look in our shop or at the current promotions or the ingredients we use.

Currently we target Faial island only, in the future we can perhaps expand to other islands or areas.

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Everyone deserves to be spoiled!